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A landlord and a passion

How it all began

It all began in 1961, when little Martin was born. At the tender age of only 5 years old, he and his brother Peter (three years older) secretly took their grandpa's old Puch 2-seater from the hay barn and test drove it on the field. In the process, it fell over. Remorsefully, they had to confess to grandpa, because they couldn't lift it back up; it was simply too heavy.

Martin Brabant - leidenschaftlicher Motorradfahrer

Later, we took an old Sachs out on the pastures and meadows, of course with many repairs and the pain of falls along the way. A motocross came later.

The first real motorcycle was a Kawasaki 750 3 cylinder 2-stroke engine. It had a real bite to it, and I was always happy when I made it back home safe and sound.

The next stop was then a 1000 Honda Chopper, which looked good but was a bit too boring for me, even though it was driven many kilometers. Later, I changed to a Honda Africa Twin650, a jack-of-all-trades. I went on many tours in Greece with friends and later also Crete, Hungary, to the Romanian border, etc. 

Then I ordered a new Africa Twin750, but I was able to try out a used Gold Wing from the dealer, which at first I thought was for old men. To my surprise, the motorcycle rode smoothly. I was thrilled when the sales contract for the Africa Twin750 was torn up, and since then, I am on my fifth Goldwing, a machine that I still adore.

Of course, I have home-field advantage and know every curve by heart, especially in Gerlos and on surrounding tours. In autumn 2010, which I, as a new member of Moho, also rent out ( with ABS ). In 2011, I began to ride with my guests, ensuring their safety, and striving to be a good guide.

It's a pleasure for me to welcome you as our future guest at the Alpine Power Hotel Central.

Yours truly,
Martin Brabant