Mountainbiking & E-Bike

Active experience cycling

The ultimate vacation and recreational experience for many:
conquering mountains by bike and experiencing adventure on 2 wheels,
along designated forest paths and nature trails.

Bike rental Hotel Central

You don't want to take your bike with you on vacation but want to experience the beauty of the nature in the Zillertal on bike?

No problem! We have 7 brandnew E-Mountain-Bikes to rent in the Hotel Central. You can rent the E-Mountain-Bikes for only 30€ per day so you can explore the 325 Mountainbike-kilometers of the Zillertal arena.

Bike Arena

Enjoy the forest, the mountains, and nature in your own individual way - everyone at their own pace, uphill with vigor and power, and speedily back downhill.

Whether exciting mountain biking sets your pulse racing or you prefer leisurely, flat valley stretches - your desire for action, sport, and nature will know no bounds. The Zillertal Arena lives up to its reputation as the bike arena with 325 km of mountain biking!

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Advantages of the Bike Arena

The "Zell-Gerlos bike ticket" provides you with a lift ride up in Zell and a ride back down in Gerlos or vice versa. Free transport of bikes by cable car up to an elevation of 1,800 m and "cruising" at lofty heights! Bike rentals are available right at the train stations or in area sports shops.

Guided bike tours

If you don't want to explore the countless biking possibilities in the Zillertal mountains alone, you can participate in a guided mountain bike tour offered by our Action Club. There are a variety of tours to choose from!